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Emergency Action Wallet Cards

These handy and informational wallet cards not only keep all of the basic vital emergency action steps at your finger tips, but also give you room to store medical information about yourself as well. Great for personal carry and for first aid kits.

(Adult, Child, Infant) First aid and choking step-by-step wallet cards 10 wallet cards - $5.00
(Adult) CPR and choking for adults step-by-step wallet cards
10 wallet cards - $5.00
Combo Pack - 5 first aid and choking / 5 CPR and choking for adults 10 wallet cards - $5.00
CPR Rescue Quick Pack (CPR Mouth Protector)

No rescuer should be without universal precautions. Keep yourself safe from body fluids and disease transmission. This kit contains a CPR mouth protector, a pair of safety gloves, and a CPR instructional card. Great for personal carry and first aid kits.


CPR Rescue Quick Pack - 1 disposable kit - $5.00
(Buy 5, get 1 free)
"The Green Book"

The Green CPR book is a simple to read, comprehensive booklet covering adult, child and infant CPR, choking rescue, AED use, home safety survey, study questions and more. 56 pages.


CPR "Green Book" - $5.00 Comes with free First Aid slide guide.
First Aid Slide Guide

This convenient easy to use slide guide can give you just the right amount of information to keep you calm and in control during most basic emergencies. Covers 25 of the most common basic injuries such as choking, rescue breathing, shock, head injury, convulsions and more. Great for home, auto, office, camping etc.


First Aid Slide Guide - $5.00, includes 5 slide guides

Compact Manual Resuscitators (Adult, Child, Infant)
(Please indicate the correct size when ordering)

No rescuer should be without universal precautions. This quality disposable bag mask device is designed to allow an easy seal over the victims mouth during ventilation. No mouth to mouth contact is necessary, preventing contamination to the rescuer.


Compact Manual Resuscitator BMD $25.00 each

Adult Compact Manual Resuscitator BMD   $25.00
Child Compact Manual Resuscitator BMD   $25.00
Infant Compact Manual Resuscitator BMD  $25.00
AED's (Automated External Defibrillators)

Did you know that CPR alone seldom to never brings back a victim's heartbeat alone. Victims of cardiac arrest need early defibrillation to the heart for the best chance of survival. Aed's can increase survival rates by 30-40-50-even 60 percent over calling an ambulance alone. Aed's are safe and easy to use. You can't afford NOT to have one today!

Automated External Defibrillators
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